The Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (ECAP) is a state-of-the-art bridge system built to manage and optimize environmentally impactful vessel operations with a higher degree of accuracy through advanced route-planning and active monitoring. Using cutting edge technology and a consistently current database, ECAP is designed to prevent extensive penalties and improve efficiency among even the most experienced crews.  Such violations are likely to occur throughout the industry due to the ever-changing regulations and lack of knowledge among personnel. ECAP is here to help.


The ECAP system can import a pre-generated route and adjust it to meet strict compliance requirements. Once the route planning operation is complete, a fully compatible route is made available which can be exported back to the primary navigation system for immediate use if necessary.

Working independently but alongside other bridge systems, ECAP also brings with it a range of monitoring tools. This includes built-in alarms, active GPS monitoring, and an easy-to-read display showing vector charts. These functions maximize the efficacy of the ECAP planned route, ensuring compliance while underway. ECAP also comes integrated with a wireless monitoring function – making it possible to track compliance status from multiple devices anywhere onboard a vessel or ashore. Both the onboard unit and the monitoring application are consistent with a vast database of environmentally regulated areas, keeping you constantly up to date. Over the course of each voyage, the automatic generation of compliance data records are registered by ECAP and kept on-file for effective oversight. All these functions come together to make  ECAP the most comprehensive environmental compliance product available – from planning a single voyage to tracking compliance across entire fleets.

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