Maritime Boundaries & Limits

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EMH Systems offers a full global dataset of Maritime Boundaries and Limits including EEZ, Contiguous Zones, Territorial Seas, Internal Waters, Disputed and Joint Regime areas, and etc.

Understanding the delamination between states is a vital component to many applications whether offshore planning, legal referencing, vessel management, route planning or any other operations in the maritime industry.

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Latest news

The Maritime Environmental Hub is up and running

We are proud to announce that the world's first centralized source of spatially formatted regulations for the maritime industry is up and running. The Maritime Environ...

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EMH Systems Ltd is now working with Seafarers professional development cluster

We're very pleased to announce that EMH Systems Ltd is now working in a partnership with Seafarers professional development cluster to stream out our approach to the mariti...

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ECAP Software Integrated in the Research & Training Center Varna

EMH Systems' Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (ECAP) software has been fully integrated into the full bridge simulator at the RTC-NVNA training center under an...

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