Maritime Environmental Hub

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When dealing with the global web of environmental policies regulating our industry, there must be a clear map for all.  Designed for optimal simplification while maintaining a complex network, the Maritime Environmental Hub is that map.

Linking any major maritime player including agencies, administrations and your own organization under one platform, the hub is set to be the most comprehensive centralized database in the industry.

Access complex regulations in an easy to navigate manner with the end user in mind. We understand most regulations come in the “not so easy to understand” format and maintaining them all can be a hassle in itself. We’ve changed that, and now you have the control in one place.

Latest news

ChartWorld teams up with EMH Systems Ltd. to offer advanced environmental compliance planning services

Limassol, Cyprus and New York, NY – ChartWorld International and EMH Systems Ltd. are proud to announce the innovative Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (ECA...

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EMH Systems receives ECAP Type Approval Certificate from BV - First of its kind

EMH Systems is proud to announce that the Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (ECAP) has been awarded a type approval certificate from Bureau Veritas Marine and Offsho...

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The Maritime Environmental Hub is up and running

We are proud to announce that the world's first centralized source of spatially formatted regulations for the maritime industry is up and running. The Maritime Environ...

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