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EMH Systems is proud to announce the recently signed partnership agreement with ISO Certified company Navysim LTD ( ). This strategic partnership reinforces the ECAP product by delivery of specialized hardware, installation, and maintenance of all required equipment. Navysim LTD has over 9 years of experience in hardware delivery within the maritime industry with projects covered globally. Together the joint venture of both companies will lead our cutting edge product ECAP to successful implementation on the market.


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The Maritime Environmental Hub is up and running

We are proud to announce that the world's first centralized source of spatially formatted regulations for the maritime industry is up and running. The Maritime Environ...

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EMH Systems Ltd is now working with Seafarers professional development cluster

We're very pleased to announce that EMH Systems Ltd is now working in a partnership with Seafarers professional development cluster to stream out our approach to the mariti...

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ECAP Software Integrated in the Research & Training Center Varna

EMH Systems' Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (ECAP) software has been fully integrated into the full bridge simulator at the RTC-NVNA training center under an...

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